Photographer Discount

Hello to all of my wonderful photographers out there!

     Thank you so much for visiting my page. We are so excited you are here!! With the new website in place, I wanted to give some clarification on sizing, discounts, and a few other things to make answer any questions you may have, and to help your transaction to run smoothly. 


   The best size of gowns to order to fit the largest range of mamas in your studio is the the  medium - depending on your average clients. Smalls would work for mamas approx size 0-6 while the Medium would fit a range of 6-14. This is just a guideline, it will definitely vary by mamas shape and bust size. 


Here is what I offer:     

  •  20% discount off your  purchase $100.00 - $150.00 ( £70.00 - £105.00 )
  •  25% discount off your purchase $151.00 - $250.00 ( £106.00- £175.00 )
  •  30%  discount off your purchase $ 251.00  and up  ( £176.00 and up )

What do you need to provide?

 2-3 photos of your purchase in use and credit on all social media websites, business websites and/or blogs is required within 90 days of your item being delivered to you. Images must be sent to in high resolution images.

To utilize the discount, please send a message with your photographer business page link to this email address :

Once your information has been verified you will be emailed the coupon codes to use with your purchase.

Credit to. “Design by C Maternity ” MUST be made on any Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, business websites and/or blogs.

We look forward to working with you!!! Seeing our work on your pages is the best part of this job!!!